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    by Published on 14-01-2014 12:43
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    We'd like to thank the guys at Beaulieu for sponsoring the "What, Where, When?" section by promoting ...
    by Published on 10-01-2014 18:11
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    Anyone got photoshop? ...
    by Published on 02-08-2010 16:19  Number of Views: 9039 

    Hi all,

    More details here -->
    At the weekend (Mopar Nationals) some scumbag decided to steal the blower from Henry Hirise. The supercharger had been removed from the car and was sat on Bry's trailer. Obviously some tosser figured they deserved it more than the guy who bought it for the car.

    After all the time effort and money Bryan had put into restoring such an iconic car, and in record time as well, this is just an absolute kick in the nuts to a fantastic bloke.

    Based on suggestions from you guys we have now set an account up to raise some funds for Bryan to put towards a replacement blower. Any donations regardless of size are appreciated.
    by Published on 22-06-2010 17:02  Number of Views: 9993 
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    Now's your chance to put faces to names and 9 times out of 10 say "You're actually nothing like I imagined you'd be in real life"

    Kicked off by Sid (BRIT DIGGER) we're having a meet-up for RnS'ers at the Nostalgia Nationals. The plan is for everyone to head over to the Oddlot team area in the pits after racing on Saturday evening.

    It's a very informal affair so no need for dinner jackets or cocktail dresses. ...
    by Published on 28-05-2010 22:20  Number of Views: 6616 
    1. Metalwork
    2. Fabrication
    Article Preview

    It's really not a trick question, How much do we really understand metal.
    It's something we use to repair holes, ...
    by Published on 22-05-2010 19:09

    Well, here we are

    Take your shoes off and have a poke around.

    It's not 'that' different from before in terms of the functionality however quite a few things have moved around a bit.

    You'll probably also notice that there's content missing from some of the new bits. This will be added on as I work through it now I just figured I best let you all back in the place before you buggered off for good ...
    by Published on 22-05-2010 18:21  Number of Views: 3056 
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    The Zephyrhills Winter Swapmeet is always a high point of my Florida winter. In the last few years one or other of my mates has been able to come over and join me, Frank (Runs9s), Lewis (Goldcamaro), Bryan (Bigjob) and this year Lee.
    As always we go on the Friday, as long as you are not bothered about the Auction it's a good day to go. My wife knows what me and Bry or me and Lee would be like at an old car auction. Actually I tried to buy a car there some years ago but failed miserably due to the auction guys shouting and screaming, why do they do it? ...

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