pair of cleaned and painted mustang 2 spindles
stock camaro rotors, outer bearing machined inwards so the stock stang 2 spindle nut fits properly.
bearings - the inner conversion bearing is fitted
nuts caps
m12 studs - stock
caliper adaptors
gm calipers - the correct ones for the rotors


I finally picked the rotors from the precision engineers after giving them to him 18 months ago, since then i have gotten new front wheel, and for 4.5 front rotors, with another set of spindles and stock stang 2 caliepers


0774 858 2044

also worth noting is.
stock stang 2 et is 10mm
11 inch granada/monarch is et23

these camaro discs have a smaller offset which is et 4mm, so its a reduction of almost 30mm over the 11'' kits yu can get
-thats 30mm a side = 60mm, thats close to a 3 inch track reduction

collection is advised
ecerything is cleaned and painted.