Well, what a day! Had an awesome time and met some really nice people. I thought the Supernats at Old Warden was my favourite show (I go to a lot of shows and that one is as local for me as one can get) but what with seeing, hearing, smelling and of course feeling these things fire up made all the difference! I always seem to have in mind a car or two that I'd love to be able to take home if I could wave a magic wand but I lost count today. I'm hoping i'll be at shows next year in my own Rod and feel even more part of a great crowd. My search continues for a '32/'34 Ford or similar. I did happen to venture into the toilets to have a look at the 'for sale' ad's but that was something I might give a miss on in future, however dedicated I am! Thankyou to all those who put the work in to make a great day for me and everyone else. I took a bunch of pic's as always (190 or so) and i'll try and upload a few here, I think my limit is 20? I've been putting all my hot rod, classic, VW and one day pic's on a Facebook page I started in 2012 if you fancy having a nose.. www.facebook.com/StanceMonkey

Snaps really as they're only taken with an iPhone. Cheers again!