Big Brother has got it all just about sewn up methinks.

I just had a swatch at a house for sale via the web and it has the 'streetview' thing. My god it's amazing
If every street in the UK has been photographed 'the man' now has a snapshot of amazing detail of your house, drive, possible cars etc.
OK, may not be relevant to cars in garage etc and good for Anti terrorism laws / councils using said laws to prosecute if your bin is too full but jeez it is worrying.
It's probably hooked up to a thermal imager so if you put in a new patio it checks that the wife aint taking a dirt nap!

Don't forget if we ever 'take to the streets' bring a big stick cos half the working population now work for the man (in some way - don't hang me on the details - just having fun-ish!)