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    I popped to Sailsbury to pick up a bargain generator, 80 Mile round trip, top down in my 02 Boxster it was dreamy. Great mpg, gennie fitted under the bonnet, effortless speed limit achievement. Rode my 650 07 Kawasaki from garage to home, effortless and frugal. Both always start first time.
    Rented a new Hyundai in Spain last month, small but barge like!? Very poor forward a post vision, dull and uninvolving but great mpg.
    My consul is hot, cramped, **** poor mpg, goes like feckin stink and a close second to shagging and booze

    Horses for courses
    "We should take comfort that while we may have more still to endure, better days will return: we will be with our friends again; we will be with our families again; we will meet again."

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    my daily drivers are usually under £500 mercedes diesel estates. 15-20 years old, usually a bit scabby but throw away motoring if anything expensive goes wrong with them which it rarely does. they'll do half a million miles no problem so buying one at 150-200,000 miles is no problem. oh, and 40+mpg doesn't hurt either. i had a 'nice' 2006 mondeo diesel estate (cost me £1200), all the toys and very clean but i was paranoid about the clutch or suchlike going and having to pay £4-500 to get it done or doing it myself which is poxy on the floor. i sold it and got a 2000 merc' c220cdi estate for £280. i can strap 8x4 sheets of steel or whatever to the roof and not worry about scratches and fold the seats down to do a tip run. none of this will devalue it so it's all good.
    need a job done on your project? i may be able to help.

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    Quote Originally Posted by English Impala View Post
    How we want to imagine our daily commute versus the reality:

    fortunately some of us have a daily commute like the top pic and don't go anywhere near cities which are like the bottom one

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    First image looks much like the Westway leading to congestion and thru' to photo no.2. I drive 20K miles per year mainly in outer and central London. ( use public transport whenever I can) Would I drive the Vette in to central London? *even though its exempt from the new outer 24/7 congestion charge). I used to - I would drive to the Chelsea Cruise etc - If I could actually get there (and back) not an issue so much once in the centre of London - its just getting there and back that is the main problem with all the cycle superhighways, 'pinch' points, blocked-off 'rat routes' etc. I'm gonna say it again at the risk of boring you all - its part of a long term plan to ban certain types of vehicular traffic from London - we've seen it just recently in certain parts of Islington borough where non-compliant vehicles including black cabs can't go at certain times of the day - when the emission levels increase further from more vehicles being forced into smaller spaces we'll likely see our classics banned at certain times too.
    Last edited by Roscobbc; 05-10-2018 at 16:39.

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    what about all the stupid names Adam, leaf, mocha, whats next a Maseralatte ?

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    Quote Originally Posted by 35kid View Post
    fortunately some of us have a daily commute like the top pic and don't go anywhere near cities which are like the bottom one
    I've got a 20 mile round trip to work and back, and most days use my '07 Skoda Fabia. It's a 1.2 tdi and according to the computer on the dash, does 45mpg. It's like cuprinol - does exactly what it says on the tin. Once a week or so I'll take the Beetle to work. It's hot, cramped, noisy, smelly, rides like crap but the half a mile that I can open it up makes up for it!
    2007cc, 48IDFs, street car. [email protected] on pump fuel, treads, muffler and fanbelt. October 2017!
    2276cc, 48IDAs, race car. [email protected] on race fuel and slicks. April 2005!

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    daily for the last 8 years has been a 96 jeep cherokee 2.5 petrol.. burns hydrocarbons like a champ.. paid £800 for it with 75000 on the clock just short of 200000 now.. Some folk would say its a gross polluter , I would say its carbon neutral .. most comfy trip I had recently was a 1200 mike round trip in a chopped 30 Ford coupe running a 7.2 litre nailhead, no sore arse and stiff knees.. Modern cars are souless ****boxes designed for sheep and driven by the brain dead .. why else would you need so many safety features and driver aids.. to top it all they even tell you when to shift gear , ironically usually completely the wrong gear for the speed and road conditions .. hence why so many arsehole audis come around bends on the wrong side of the road, trying to make a bend at 60 in 6th gear.. and they want to increase the motorway speed limit . lol what a joke ..

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    I'm retired now, worked in motor trade for most of my life starting as a paint sprayer
    and progressing to welding/panelbeating/and bodywork/jigwork etc, enjoyed my job
    always had interest in british classics, had a big variation of cars over the years and
    there's nothing better than some stranger admiring your verhicle or your hard work,
    went out in my 55 chevy today after fitting power steering kit after owning it for over
    12 years,always hated the none power,went to filling station and a young lady comented
    on car and asked if I could drive her to her wedding next spring, so yes its a rewarding
    feeling that you will never get with most new cars, and I will be using my chevy a lot more
    now you can parallel park.

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    I recently had cause to consider this subject at some length and came to the (actually foregone) conclusion that, in a society that values Quality above all else, there can be no justification for the existence, let alone the persistent use, of the sort of cars that are being churned out today.

    For a start, there is absolutely nothing wrong with old cars. Since Karl Benz revealed his Patent Motorwagen in 1885, they have been perfectly adept at moving people from one place to another. Granted, the very early ones were slow, temperamental and required constant maintenance but, by the 1920s, virtually every car on sale could travel comfortably at 40mph and was easy to maintain. In the early 1930s, synchromesh became commonplace across the top gears of even the most basic cars, making them really easy to drive. Cars were good for long-distance motorway travel by the 1960s, becoming ever more convenient until eventually computer systems and electrical trivialities started to take over, making cars impossible to work on for the average owner and so over-engineered that any hopeless cretin could take the wheel.

    All the while, increasing legislation has caused car design to stagnate, so that every modern car has no form, no definition, no individuality and could just as easily be a scaled-up toaster or electric razor. What has happened to advertising? It was once humorous, sexy, stylish and cool, even for basic cars. Look at the bright colours of '50s adverts, the dynamism and the long, low cars suggesting speed and sophistication together. Granted, such portrayals were perhaps dishonest, but only a simpleton would expect to walk into a Hillman showroom and buy a Minx that's as long as a Jaguar and drive around as a magnet for the local floozies. Look too at muscle car advertising: in-yer-face, bright colours, girls everywhere, funky cartoons and cool slogans. "Join the Dodge rebellion!" Doesn't that sound good?

    Now every advert's a boring photo of some grey car motoring along some grey road, being driven by a man or woman with a dopey grin and they're so happy that they don't have to manually wind a window down. These are cars for the ecologically- and safety-conscious (who don't know or care that they're being sold a con) who think they've got some kind of moral high ground for buying a car that won't kill their fat, pasty, cocooned kids the next time they reverse into a bollard at Waitrose because their parking sensor stopped working.

    What of the sportsmen? Camille Jenatzy, Malcolm Campbell, Count Zborowski, Mike Hawthorn, to name a very select few. Check out the photo of Zborowski after he completely shredded his rear tyres racing his Chitty Chitty Bang Bang in the early 1920s. Can you imagine anyone having the guts to do that now? And how nice would it be to watch a race without cars tempered by legislation, drivers submitting to team boss's commands and sponsorship reigning supreme over the whole thing. The cars were once monsters that the drivers fought into respectful submission, now the cars are computers and the drivers are told what to do. I don't hold this against the current crop of drivers - it's not their fault they were born too late - but even so, Lewis Hamilton's insistence on wearing a diamond earring while racing lacks the class of Mike Hawthorn's insistence on racing in a bow tie, or certain drivers stopping at midnight to change from their eveningwear into Prince of Wales check.

    And don't get me started on the names. Victor, Anglia, Rapier, Wyvern, Conquest, Pullman, Snipe(!), umpteen names relating to the Empire, Thunderbird, Eldorado, Charger, Challenger, Barracuda... They sound a bit better than nonsense like Kadjar, Qashqai, Mokka, Sportage and Karoq. Granted their not all made up, but why would anyone want a car named after an obscure Persian dynasty? Anglia and Victor rouse my heart much more. Even the lorries sounded cool, ferchrissakes! Pioneer, Explorer, Highwayman, Militant, Mandator and a real favourite, the Albion Claymore.

    Yes, sometimes it would be nice to be able to get in a car and drive straight off on a cold morning without having to worry about choke and letting the car warm up. Yes, it might be nice to sit in a queue of traffic on a hot day without nervously watching the temperature gauge. It might also be nice if the car would engage first gear first time. On the face of it, old cars are inconvenient. However, I started this post with a fantasy about Quality trumping all else including convenience, and that's where old cars reign supreme. They are almost all physically beautiful, and those that aren't at least have some kind of interesting, eccentric reason for their unsightliness. The designers were artists and the coachbuilders (for those that were coachbuilt) were artisans. To drive them, you first place yourself in an environment resembling a comfortable drawing room, or a jukebox, or a no-nonsense tin can stripped of all unnecessary comforts that exposes you to the essence of car-ness. You then set off, having assured yourself that you have enough oil and water, and the ride begins. The satisfying turning of the wooden/metal steering wheel, the anticipation of braking and gear changes and the knowledge that you are not invulnerable all combine to the point that you and the car are completely engaged with one another. I cannot imagine why any thinking, feeling human would not enjoy this level of engagement, and actually having to be mentally and physically active, over the thoughtless, effortless and ultimately joyless experience of a plastic car that thinks it knows better than you.

    My '62 Super Minx is my daily in which I have had to complete round trips of up to 200 miles for work, and having it as such necessitates so many compromises. It will never be the pretty, shiny car that I'd like it to be. I will never be able to turn it into a show-winning custom because, if I even developed the skills to, it would be far too frightening to actually use it. Perhaps if I used a modern car during the week, I'd have a bit more money in my pocket and I could buy a Yank to enjoy at weekends, but why should enjoyment of cars (or anything, for that matter) be restricted to the weekend? Having the car as a daily also means the poor thing gets a bit neglected, because it's hard to take it off the road to have work done when you need to do 30 miles to work and another 30 home the next day. If the old girl wanted to throw a hissy fit one day in protest at receiving insufficient attention, she'd be entirely justified, but she doesn't; she just goes on and on and on, as if she were possessed by some kind of beneficent spirit.

    If any further argument is needed, I'll advise you all to go and view the main thoroughfare through a supposedly idyllic village. I'll give you Harrietsham as an example - some lovely 18th-century almshouses sit among tile-hung and timber-framed cottages, and what do we have in front of them. A bunch of cheap ****boxes parked one after the other. If we're going to do that we might as well invite a load of 'promising artists' to graffiti todgers all over the cottages, or why not just raze them to the ground and build a Barrett estate on top of them. Their charm is lost, whichever course you take. It's very difficult to explain, but you can park an old car in front of an old building and they just complement each other really nicely. Take a Tudor mansion, a Regency town house or an Art Deco garage, and virtually any car of pre-1963 origin will complement it beautifully, and most cars built 1963-80 would not actively spoil it.

    It's really quite ludicrous that my Hillman is a very special car. In the 1960s, it would have turned no one's head because it paled in comparison to the enormous, gleaming American battle-cruisers that it aimed to imitate. Chrome, fins, wraparound screens and two-tone paint were bog-standard, run-of-the-mill and wholly unremarkable, but they were still ever-so pretty. Crumple zones, impact bumpers, seatbelts, airbags, catalytic converters, a bewildering array of idiot lights and 56 pointless buttons were (still are) unnecessary. At the same time as his dad was taking delivery of his new Minx (or Zephyr/Cresta/Cambridge/whatever), a lucky 17-year-old might just have paid £5 for a Morris Eight Series E, which he could jump into on a Friday night, with the pick of the youth club in tow, to dash off into the countryside for a little tryst. No criminal insurance, no black box, no end of fun. It sounds like a bloody fairy tale now.

    What a pity that most people seek no more from life than money, acquired in never-quite-sufficient sums through non-stop work for a faceless rich man at the top, just so they can go home, have their dinner, gawp at the TV or Facebook, go to bed and repeat the whole damn process until Providence cuts them down, because that's an easy life, isn't it? And if their lives do get to feeling empty, they can always upgrade to a newer Range Rover, because their neighbours only have a 16-plate, so they can feel superior about that. They exist seemingly because to go on breathing is easier than purposely ceasing, and all the time they're doing that, they're clogging up my roads.
    Wanted! Back issues of Street Machine, American Car World/American Car and Classic American. Please PM.

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    Hmm and you managed write all that on a Friday night Nigel!
    I hav to agree with most of the points above, having been spoiled in the seventies working in a multi franchised car dealership and as a teenager driving aroun in the best (and worse that the seventies motor industry had to offer. I then spent the next thirty years driving huge annual millieages in mostly quite boring company cars (often clocking up over 60k per annum
    Current daily is a MK2 Ford Ranger which is just like driving an old car except quieter and has power steering and electric Windows.
    The other daily is my wife's Audi A3 which is 12 years old and cost three grand three years ago. It drives like new and looks like new when it's been cleaned. It has all the gadgets you need without the daft stuff.
    I would drive the Zodiac more (I'd use it every day if I could) but I am conscious that it is getting increasingly harder to get party for.
    Oh and as I live in rural Essex, and work in the marine trade my daily commute is usually a pleasure in whatever I drive.

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