Was a shame to come home early but Hey Ho **** happens
We had a good time while it lasted and will be back next year though probably no make that (said her indoors) definately not in a tent, I had lots of sympathy (NOT) from everybody in the bar Friday night like ...... heard your having problems keeping it up Kev, ......you got a problem with your erection kev.....give it a viagra and it might stay hard.....go and give it a blowie and it will be ok.
Thanks for all your help you know who you are:****er:
This pic was taken at 1.15 am just after I burst the beam over our sleeping area as you can see we were devestated and thanks to my mate Sav for trying to be a concerned ( like F**k he did )


The next are what our tent looked like in the morning as you can see we had a lovely sky view

At least no real harm done and we can have a laugh about this in years to come