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ok, on to the floor where the chimney breast used to come up from downstairs. basically we layed a bit of 3/4 ply over the area to cover the brickwork and built the wardrobes on that as a good level base. today ive been trimming the floorboards either side back to the next joist and laying bits of floorboards with packers on to the brickwork so i can lay a cut to fit bit of ply in place to complete the floor all on the came level. we ordered new laminate flooring last night so that's my next job when it arrives.
oh and i've just bought another a/c system to fit in our bedroom like we have in the lounge. it's the 2 part setup like offices have with a unit outside on the wall with pipes going in to the wall unit inside. i wouldn't be without the one in the lounge when it's hot like today, but i guess it's spoilt me.
maybe get one of these ?