took out insurance in sept, paid by DD, sold car other day, you've now sent me a bill for £42

Firstly, am i to assume, even though its Direct debt, YOU paid the insurance in full for me? if so why am i paying THEM interest?
secondly, i had 9 months remaining, so on assumption i have FUTURE paid the finance company, your calculations are based upon what?

my monthly DD fee x 9
then your FEE for cancelling £40?

EXPLAIN, as im seriously not impressed.

when i pay car tax for instance, i pay DD, when i cancel that, it ends, EVEN based on the assumption its for 6 months or a year, it doesn't continue until that year is up.

SO im paying YOU FOR WHAT? im seriously unimpressed, you come across as a small company that cares, but your not, your exactly like every other twisted insurance company.

7 days iv been given to pay? or what? 28 days is the business normal !

RODS N SODS note...does this remind you of adrian flux and their poor efforts?