I first bought this Pop back in April 2003 with a months MOT and yes it needed a little work to get it through.
It runs a 1.6 X/flow and box with Escort front suspension.
After a years motoring i decided to change the Escort axle to a Anglia one as the wheel stuck out to far and the person who built the car moved the arches up to get over this problem. After changing the axle i was free to put bigger wheels on the back, but that didn`t come about for another year. I the mean time i decded to put the arches back where they should be by useing VW Camper ones.

I also removed a bit of the inner arch knowing i was going to fit 15"X7J wheels on the back so it could be lowered a fair bit. This is lowered 1.5" and there`s another 2" to go.

This has now taken us up to last year this time when i took the Pop off the road to sort out the rest of the bodywork.

Hopefully by wheels day next year it will be satin black with painted red steels.
Thanks for looking
greenfordpop AKA Barry