Hi to all,I previously had a post titled "Christine" which has been closed down as I no longer have her but wont go into that here. My newest project is a 2 door Morris Minor,year unknown and it has been going for a while now but just though I would post a little about it here. Nothing to out of the ordinary,currently will run a Datsun A12 (1200cc) engine,4 spd box and assorted other cosmetic alterations. Due to the legislation in this country RE building cars and rods it is getting more difficult by the day so the intention is to build it very basic,get it passed the Engineering inspections and on to the road and then go to town on it in a very discreet manner so as to not draw too much attention to it externally. I wont add many pics at this stage because a pretty basic Morry isnt really of much interest to many people but just wait till the proposed changes begin and then I will get busy with updates hopefully,so until the,see ya!