On to the rear end.. this bit was fun!

I just knew under the wood lined bed there was going to be rust.. and I was right! Fortunately the rest of the car is spotless so I can deal with this..

Long story short, I ended up cutting everything out including the chassis legs so I could start fresh..

I then got to narrowing the S13 rear subframe. I decided to take 215mm out of the frame to bring it to the stock track width of the sunny truck. Its more than it sounds As you can see the stock axles are now nearly touching eachother. Not much room for a diff then!

Using measurements from the narrowed subframe, I added the first rails in for the new bed floor. Its onlt 50x25mm box, but its thick wall and will be braced well for a 850kg car..

Very daunting at this stage trying to figure out where the subframe should sit etc.. I ended up taking loads of measurements and then modelling some plates in CAD to be water jet cut to weld in. This resulted in the mounts you see below.

I then got too excited to play with the tube bender to continue with the subframe and started on the roll cage! Plotting it out on paper to scale helped making the main hoop quite alright. This was my first time making anything like this.


Then, after some messing about with a tube notcher and reciprocating saw..

I think at this point I got the diff shoe horned in and welded in the new mounts and rear plate.

Then I cut the temporary bracing off and started fully welding it..

With that taken care of (apart from the toe arm mounts I cut off and haven't put back on yet), I had a bit more fun with the notcher.. The main bars connect above the subframe mounts to brace it fully.

And finally for this update, I got those toe arm mounts fabricated..

I also modified some adjustable upper camber arms to fully clear the bed frame at full suspension travel. After that I installed some more of the tube arms.

Next update will be the pushrod suspension!