I bought this Capri in 81/82 the reg VGP 950M. It was a 3 Litre with wide arches, front and rear spoilers, wolfies, side pipes etc. It was blue with a fish scale design down the sides and a picture of a shark on the bonnet, a copy of the picture that is always used on the video covers etc, for the Jaws movie. The interior was dark blue cord with light blue tassels around the edges, very 70s. The paint was going a bit when I bought it so decided to repaint it black and put the interior back standard. When i got rid of it the new owner had a mural of Ozzy Osbourne on the bonnet and Black Nightmare written on the back wings. It stayed in the area for a few years but then went and have never seen it since. Like the idiot I am, the very few pictures I took, I've long since lost. I think it must have been around a bit in it's day, people I met after say they used to see it about a lot. It'd be nice to know if it's still around.