I've seen this work on another site so figured it might be of use to have it here as well.

Many are finding themselves in the situation of being out of work so here's where we can help each other.

1. If you’re looking for work then feel free to put up a post using the thread prefix of "Job Wanted" and then a brief note of what type in the title. Add as much specifics as possible within the post and detail as much experience as you can. Just as applying for a job the more relevant info you can add the better. Be honest about what you can do. People can and WILL find out. Don't add personal contact details (for your own benefit) but rather ask people to PM for those.

2. If you're advertising a job available then use the "Job Available" prefix. Please list ALL requirements you have for the job the same as you would if you were posting it for the job centre. If certain qualifications are needed then make sure you add them here. Post as much of a job spec as you can ensuring those reading can clearly understand the duties involved and also how people can apply.

3. Adverts that display discrimination will either be modified, or removed from the boards.

4. If anyone believes an advert shows discrimination, please click on report post, and state your query.

5. DO NOT USE THIS AREA TO TRY AND SEEK CUSTOMERS. We have a free Traders section for that. Abuse this feature and your ads will be deleted rather than moved. No moaning, no explanation

6. Bumping threads every day or every other day could see your posts edited, or the whole thread locked - this is to keep things fair for everyone. Keep chat to the chat area thanks.