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Thanks Kev for the replies . Going off at a tangent here , I always wondered if during the 60,s there was a directive that US imports were deliberately issued with short plates . I’ve had so many early US cars over the years with original plates were only 4 or 5 digits long . This enabled them to fit the available space but use normal size digits . And I’m thinking this was too many cars and plates to be random , anybody else noticed that ?

Oh bugger the picture is upside down .

It's STILL upside down ?! LOL

No, thererwasn't a dispensation but in those days you coudl ask nicely for any plate and they'd do there best to help. Even when plates were meant to be issued in strict order they would pick the odd one out.

Come August time ( old system) the DVLA girls were plied with all sorts of gifts so they woudl issue a block of good numbers to a garage ie 1-99 . Eventually when the went over to prefix plates DVLA themselves never issued them and slowly but surely they are being sold to the public now .