At Martelius we love American cars. Since 25 years ago we have held, maintained and developed a formula collection with around 50.000 items for American car and truck exhausts. On the side also a few British made cars and trucks have had their exhausts modelled.

The model range currently starts from the 1940’s vehicles until the 2000’s. The formulas are based on the original exhausts, but can be customized for example by altering the tubing diameter and changing silencer types to improve performance.

Chevy '57 standard exhaust

Cadillac '63 exhaust with or without resonator

Unfortunately as the range of items is so huge, there is no online directory for these items. If you have a car or truck with exhaust needs, drop us an email with as much info on the vehicle as possible, and we’ll go from there. The best contact method is emailing to sales(a)