My mum actually calls me Russell,but most of the NSCC lads call me Harry.
44 years old and self-employed mechanic/ garage owner.
Served my time in a VW dealers and got into hot VWs along with Chubbs who Also worked there.Back when a splitty camper cost £30 not 30K.
Then got into yanks and rods ,eventually selling my B+M blown 69 mustang & took an 8 year sabbatical to go fishing
I came back into the fold about 31/2 years ago buying a fairly straight 66 plymouth sport fury . You know the type never be a show winner just a nice driver with a bit of rust under the filler,telling every one i wont strip it i just want to drive it .Well that lasted about 12 months untill i couldnt stand the holes in the boot floor and bubbling paint any longer .currently 2 1/2 years into a full resto.