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  • Yesterday, 21:58
    That look terrific. I wouldn't believe that digital readouts would look good alongside a traditional brass dash but by eck they do
  • Yesterday, 20:36
    guten aben ,

    My Mission for this week ,which i chose to accept , was to fit my SLC free wide band exhaust gas fuel mixture dubries .

    They look like this ..

    which just won't do , it's about as gentlemans roadster as a shell suit and a burberry scarf dontchaknow ... might as well get huge fake bum implants while i am at it !! #innap.

    so my evil plan is to take the 0 to 5v read out , run it through my friends box of tricks , which will give me a 1 to 2v output ,then ,if the air fuel ratio is 10:1 to 20:1 , then a voltmeter will read the air fuel ration directly ,just with the decimal point in the wrong place ..triffic.

    i soldered the SLC's as shown in the instructions ..

    thats all those little soldered points in the front , and the 4 and 6 pin end plugs , then i painted the case satin black , since i will have to have them visible to see the o2 senor temperatures , i will pop them in the side of the scuttle .

    next was to mount the mounts for the digital readouts , which you have seen a page or two back , these i simply drilled through the scuttle and used s/s button allens... m5 i think todays particular vintage was .

    NOW , since i had burnt out my digital temperature sensors with a jump start , i did a bit of research , and found they are not at all happy over 15v .so i wandered through ebay , and found a little stamp sized adjustable voltage regulator , bought it , and hooked it up to try it out ...

    first i connected it to 12v bench supply , and popped a 12v led on it .

    then adjusted the weeny little pot on the regulator to give 9volts ish ..

    marrrvelous , hopefully that may protect the 4 digital readouts about to be unleashed on the car .

    so i popped in my new temperature dig RR's and lo and bloody behold , one of them read 95c ! pox.

    spent another happy half hour working out the sensor had gone spasmo ,so cut, soldered, and heat shrunk the bejaysus out of it and we were beck to functionnositynesstasticnoodle.

    Went ahead and constructed my customary cats cradle of wires behind the demi dash ...

    having already mated the voltmeters with their respective hosts .

    next was to turn it all on ..

    HG WELLS !! pfffft ..take a back seat buddy

    ok ok maybbe not , but hey , i like em .

    next is to fit the boxes , wire it all up , and then i get constant real time air fuel ratio feedback ,with no big innovate boxes clumping up the seat , neaty neat neat .

  • 17-01-2020, 11:54
    ola compadres ..

    Well not a lot happened this week , APART FROM I GOT MY V5C !!! with the new number on ....

    Now...going insane trying to find the font i want in a plate that doesn't cost 9 million gatrillion pounds ..cannot even find stick on letters ! blimmen charles wright !!

    meanwhile i have a scrappy cav mk1 ign module for the front engine so i can have matching coils ,as the twins in the gynacologist requested , also still researching my inj malfunction.

    no driving going on since its be noah'sville here , i did spend a happy few hours angle grinding the rust off my guards , , during which i found a crack in th top mounting bar on the hub , so whipped that off and braced it with a 6mm s/s bar of goodness ...that won't crack again !

    i wondered why i could smell rubber on the way home .

    tinkety tonk.

  • 07-01-2020, 08:43
    Quote Originally Posted by MYTHING View Post
    Hi Robert

    Saw you at Bicester but as you were heavy in with your loving followers I could do no more than nod.....

    Car looks fantastic, didn't see V she was probably sensibly getting hot drinks, great show, very eclectic but cold.. ah well this is England


    Hi Paul , oh that's a shame i would have preferred you came and nudged me ! it was a bit of a chatfest.... i had several people at once asking me questions, i felt like an umpire , all very friendly though.i must put a data sheet on the car.

    at least you can look at the car , and say to yourself , hey,loads of that was made in my huge mega vice of wonderfullness !

  • 06-01-2020, 22:31
    Hi Robert

    Saw you at Bicester but as you were heavy in with your loving followers I could do no more than nod.....

    Car looks fantastic, didn't see V she was probably sensibly getting hot drinks, great show, very eclectic but cold.. ah well this is England

  • 06-01-2020, 11:08

    Sunday dawned bright and clea........ok ok didn't .

    It dawned grey and glowering ,like a sullen teenager in a power cut with no cell signal...6c and 8 mph wind , MUST be time to go to the bicester scramble then !

    A 30 mile drive in a car with no roof ,windscreen ,... i am not sure v realised how cold it would be , with 60 mph wind that worked out to around -10c in yer face .

    What we learnt mostly was how low you can get in a car with a sofa for a seat ............pretty damned low !

    We jumped in ,and , after i had thrown out all the Harrodsish picnic basket v had tried to load us down with , (channeling her inner martha stuart ) we romped off into the glum .

    Car felt a bit rumbly and was running very rich , but i knew once warm it would smooth out. The roads were wet ,and v slippy , i had pumped up the fronts to 33 psi to see how it felt and the answer was ,it felt like i was on ice , i was therefore not sure if it was the slippy rds or the high pressure tyres that was giving me ZERO feedback ..But i was all like ........whatevahhh.

    We carried on for about 5 miles into the stark greynosity before it decided to let me know it had only been running on one engine .

    This problem i have with the front majic jet injectors not working for a while still remains it would appear ,i thought i had fixed it by dropping gas pressure to 17 from 24 , but no .

    In this instance i was doing around 50 mph on a slight right hand turn when the recalcitrant ENGINE NO 1 ,decided to join the party .

    Instantly the back of the car made a bid for freedom ,like a christian spotting an open gate at the Colosseum ,and i had to apply a little opp lock and back off toot suite .. all was well however and we had both engines for the rest of the day .

    now the old girl had warmed up ,and was chiming in on all 12 , it was a delicate drive on the slippery twisties to bicester , with no drama , just us tucked down as low as we could go ,v thoroughly enjoyed watching the faces of passing drivers and pedestrians as we drove by ..sometimes waving and then whipping her hand back in as she realized it was even colder out of the car body .

    Got there around 10.30 , and the bloke said "you want to park in the technical centre to show the car off ". i said ?

    They directed me to a lot of people milling around , and i threaded my 9ft bonnet through , parked in a row of cars and went to find out where i should be .

    Found out, and came back the car , or where i thought it was , since now there was a huge crowd around it ,v was very excited by this , i sang froided her ,told her it's normal , but she was not prepared for the medusa effect AT ALL... most fun.

    Fired up and trickled through a little tunnel into a central area , may have had my foot slip onto the throttle in the tunnel a bit . Parked up and chatted , wandered about chatted , had a very nice chap come and video interview me , who at the end remarked i was "live to "the middle east" " that probably spoiled the cous-cous and dates of a few million desert people #innapropriate.

    Next up was time to naff of , we had become even colder standing around in the windy airfield from planet/moon Titan, and we thought we were going to get even colder on the way home , it had rained a little on the way , so at least it was a little dryer , the weather the equivalent of said teenager having found out no one else had a signal either .

    Car fired up well , v rich again but as she warms up it leans off to normal , , and we bumbled out of the site... interestingly , inside the car we WARMED UP ! , with the 7.6 litre foot warmer helping a lot .

    Home again with no drama .

    Indoors for open fire ,hot baths ,and Sunday evening draped over the furniture under duvets ... nice end to a brilliant day of fun .

    here are a few pics ..

    its in there somewhere...


    Oh ! i forgot to add ...

    with my whole resin debacle , i hod nothing to stick on the hole , so v said she would do me a quick fill in .

    i lathed out the clear boss i had ..

    that lets me put in the M for medusa in there ..

    then v tried a few designs ..

    and painstakingly reverse panted a design on the back of the perpex , that i then coated with black gloss..

    she used bits of a christmas tree bird decoration for the twinkly bits , and was apologetic that it was not as good as it could be because it was rushed and had to be done in a afternoon so it was on the car for the show .... i told her to SHUT UP ,and i love it .

    robert (again)
  • 05-01-2020, 20:48
    Second on giving her an acetone bath, mix the new batch up with vigour, pour into the mould and place the whole shabang on top of a speaker and play some funky music whiteboy. Any bubbles will be driven to the surface and away from the racket.

  • 05-01-2020, 18:15
    Robert, as long as you can pour out most of it then the hardener in the new mix should set the runny stuff ok.

    Ref cleaning it with thinners - don't! it will make a big mess as it only partially dissolves resin - if you have some acetone then that will clean it out nicely and should not affect anything.
  • 05-01-2020, 17:20
    if it won't affect the mould i'd try washing the gloop out with cellulose thinners and a paintbrush mate.
  • 04-01-2020, 08:53
    Quote Originally Posted by blackpopracing View Post
    Looks much better.
    For the resin, you could just carefully pour out the non set stuff and then straight away mix up a new batch & pour it in.

    Thanks Mark , re treacle gloop from hell , my concern is , if i pour it out , and what is left on the mould is still runny , then if i then mix up a new batch and pour it in on top will the runny stuff still there congeal and de stickyfy , or will it stay as it is and then ,when i try to remove the top solid bit, it comes out of the mould with the bit that really matters , the curved face we can see when mounted ,all iregular and manky .i am a newby !

    Quote Originally Posted by 28Chevy View Post
    I shared your botheration with the bonnet join, that looks much better, tapering the strap was counter intuitive as usual and works well..

    thanks Bernard , yes i agree ... i had no intention to do anything about it when i woke up yesterday , but i was so buoyed by my chromey tail , i pottered around... found a bit of old thin ally , cut it out with the metal snips , and in a quick hour it was done , and makes a huge difference.

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