Have here my spare LT1 350 chevy V8 in a one off format that you wont find anywhere other than in the US. All the problematical optispark system is gone. This sits on a GM dual plane intake with a mallory HEI distributor ready to go.

These engines are true performance. Standard roller camshaft and aloooominum heads as standard. Factory these are 285 with emissions strangulation. Over 300 with some nice flowing headers. The heads port really well and i am running just over 400hp with ported heads and an uprated cam in my car (same engine)

These are 10.5:1 as standard which is acheivable by its own unique reverse flow cooling. Serious engine.

The only thing im keeping is the carb. The rest the intake engine radiator starter etc is all included. 1 wire and go. I can send a video of it running no problem. If you want to go back to EFI i will do it cheaper minus the intake and optispark blanking plate. I think i have an EFI intake (why would ya)

I can send this on a pallet or possibly deliver myself depending on the individual.

Im in no rush to sell. I know lots of ads say it but please please please no timewasters. I am self employed and i need to take the time off for viewings in the week. Weekends i can do but i run the risk of noise complaints to the council (again)

If anyone wants anymore tech or info cast numbers etc please msg and il be happy to help i know the Lt1 pretty much inside out.

Cash on collection or bank transfer if im sending on a pallet