* I have for sale a crack tested/magna fluxed and freshly bored +30 1978 351W SBF short block, I purchased this from Peter knight who had it prepared for another customer but due to a change of plan I ended up with it. The block has now been de-stressed on the outside (smoothed of all ugly unwanted casting flash) Painted Ford Blue, every bolt hole has been chased with easing greese and a bolthole cleaner, the inlet valley/timing chain area has been totaly polished and all oil return holes have been enlaged for faster and more efficient oil control. It is a 2 bolt main block with the stronger ribs due to the vintage of the engine. If you check on turboforums you will find that this is the engine of choice and they are regularly developing 1000+hp out of these blocks and on standard cranks. Also comes with existing 3M crack (in my opinion crank needs a polish or grind), and heavy (strong) 351 rods, these are fitted with forged (yes new forged +30 flat top pistons (with duel valve relifes). A very good starting block or just go strainght to a 408/427 rottating assembly. Change of plan has forced the sale of this lot, will only take what i paid no offers £550 TAKE INTO ACCOUNT THAT A RE-BORE I WAS QUOTED WAS £280 WITH THE HONE FINISH (THIS IS FRESH AND TO PETERS STANDARD).

* I also have a Victor JR inlet manifold, brand new these are £300+ to buy , £175 No offers and its yours.................

* And not to forget the Big chunky Canton gold race oil pan, want that engine to stay cool and also have the oil stay in the correct place, then this is the future for you and your engine. Once again these sell for £300+, this is brand new....£175 No offers and its yours...........

* Th400 chevy fitting came out of a race car but not sure of what is inside unfortunatly, I was told it should be a good-un, but i dont want to say incase it aint true £350 ONO

* Th400 BOP fitting came out of a race car has the Art Carr tag on the side, supposeed to have a full manual valve body (deffinatly needs new steels I have been told) , not a big job once you have a beer and the re-build kit and a heater of course!! £450 ONO, Also have the chevy fitment adaptor for £40

* Th400 race converter 4500 stall, belived to be a 9" size with anti ballon plates £180 OVNO

Cant take offers on the engine as need what i paid (would prefer if some one brought the engine lot and i think it is well priced thats why i got it, or i will have to bloody build it and then all hell will break loose.(and then i will have to wait another 2 years to use the car) Mmmmmmm Big block cubes in a small block lump (scarrrrrrrry **** that thought).

Cheers for the add space

The Lead foot (Darren) No.07595865321 [email protected]