For sale - Custom stingray style chopper, as i was very bored last summer i decided to get a really rusty chopper and do it up a bit
So here is what happened...

original frame, fully bare metal and then lacquered over the top...

I then decided to attack it with a hole saw... but this has in no way damaged the frame! just improved looks

hot rod style duct tape seat, original foam padding that will screw on, covered in red vinyl is available

removed front brake, they weren't doing a lot and makes it look a whole lot better! however due to treating her to a new pair of bare metal front forks, the once ground down brackets are there, and if I can find them the front brakes will be included

for some reason it didn't have any peddles, so I put some chrome chopper style ones on!

Once upon a time, the wheel arch fell off too... so i sort of removed some bracketary from that...

ermm yeah see pic below!

sensible offers

Will bring down to hot rod drags