I have two classic fenders for sale...

These are hand crafted from sheet aluminium, a hand finished work of art.

They have been built for cut to fit allowing them to be cut and fitted to many different makes and models including Morris, Standard, Ford, Vauxhall or for a hotrod or custom.
According to the previous owner they cost him £1200 although I have no receipt to prove this.

Reason for selling: Shortly moving out the parents place to a smaller home with no garage so they need to go asap! They came with a 1932 Morris 12/4. I sold the car and was left with the fenders.

Due to the nature of the fenders they are for collection only to avoid any damage while being left with a courier.

If you have any questions, feel free to call me on 07540120130 or 07525393780 and ask for Matthew.

I'm guessing I have put a price for I'll say £300 but I am open to sensible offers!

Thanks for your time.