Any new readers out there? Just thought I'd check if you have seen this ................................. "Has anyone got a front floor x-member from a Pop Anglia or Prefect or just the centre arch section? This is the one that crosses the car just to the rear of the main gearbox support member. I want to cut and shut my x-member because it needs to move back and a bit higher. I have worked out it needs widening as the chassis broadens at that point and also raising an inch. If I cut each side halfway up the arch I could fit a bit in each side with not much threepenny bit effect, in fact should not notice at all. All this designed in chalk on the garage floor. I know I could have a go at replicating the cross section but it would take me a long time and it would not match. So, if you have a spare x-member or have cut one up some time and have the centre arch remaining - can you help?" Dave