Morning, I have a 1964 chevy C20 sidestep long bed, vin no 4C254 H 133217, I bought some new sidesteps from America but when they came they were too small, the very helpful American lady pointed out that shortbed steps are 23" long , long bed steps are 33" long mine are 37" long so that's impossible I'm measuring wrong , also she pointed out the vin number I gave is only 12 long and American cars have 17 ???? Although as I simple Brit a fast google says this came in to play in 1981 and before that any amount of digits could be truck has a bed length of 8', and a wheel base of 127" so it seems to be the regular long bed version and not the lesser known 9' version,I have had them off and they seem to be original and complete not a welded together bodge job, any thoughts , ideas or questions are most welcome cheers Bob.