hello all , as your proberbly aware im building a 70s style custom cf , its laid up at the moment but soon to reappear . at the moment its sporting an original cf cross member which you cant lower too much without importing drops spindles from australia. now the chaissi comprises of two longtitudinals with out riggers for support , these longtitudinals are level till the cab rear and then kick upwards at about 15 degrees , then at the firewall kick back down by around 8 degrees. my idea is to remake these longtitudinals level all the way to the front of the van and mount a chevy clip , im running chevy dayvan back axle but dont want dayvan front end due to steering box . would like to keep it rack and pinion which i dont mind fabbing brackets to suit, what front clip from anything chevy could i use , dont mind fabricating a new cross member. i want to have the van as low as i can go without going bag system. any help or offers of cheap clips apprciated.