I've just imported a 66 Chevy C10 with a 250 ci straight 6. When in the states the engine was rebuilt with flat top pistons, bored 30 over and a comp cam. I've got all the tech details about the cam but it doesn't mean much to me I'm afraid. Anyway, it did fire up and ran ok but when up to temp and I turned it off trying to start it again was an effort and it turned over very slow as though the battery was flat - even though a fully charged battery was put on. At first I thought there might be a current drain as the previous owner had fitted a battery isolator.

Someone suggested the timing might be out. From the net settings appear to be 4 btdc, points gap 016. I can see the scale on the balancer and guessed where 4 might be. found the one and only groove in the pulley, marked it with white paint, set the points gap to 016 pointing at number 1. Fired it up, checked the dwell - out - adjusted again now get a reading of 20 but it should be nearer 30, ok it starts much better now but when i put the timing light on it it's miles out. if 4btdc is at the 2 o'clock position the white mark shows nearer 5 to 12 but it runs but not smoothly. Tried loosening the distributor to fine tune it but it won't budge. Seized? Will be trying again with WD40 tomorrow.

Thought about fitting a Ignitor II and ditching the points and condenser but would this work with the engine mods? What timing setting should I aim for? First one I've had that differs to factory settings so any help appreciated.