As a pilot of a rather splendid (in my eyes) old car i am having a few issues, mainly the greenhouse effect of not being able to roll down my windows! It all started off innocently enough one day when i tried to roll down my drivers window on a rather warm day. I started to roll down the window, then it became a bit stiff, being a man my immediate solution to the problem was of course to apply more power! This did the trick, and i arrived at my destination and rolled the window back up, no problem. When i got to my car to return home it had been basking in the sun for a good six or seven hours, and was of course hotter than the depths of hell. No worries it thought, and went to wind down the window. This time it was stiff from the onset, no problem i thought, more power... It was a real struggle, so of course if more power was the answer before, the answer now is EVEN MORE POWERRRRR!! Window down about 6 inches, and then BANG... I have a winder that does nothing. I then have a wife who is delighting in taking the **** every time we go out as she rolls the window down on her side, and enjoys the cool breeze while i'm being slowly roasted! Atleast, she was until today when her window winder broke too, now it's of utmost importance to get it fixed as soon as possible! Even taking president ahead of decorating our bedroom (a job i've been putting of for ages!) Incidentally, the back windows still roll down fine, and my kids who are 9 and 4 are delighting in telling us how lovely the breeze is back there, and that we should roll ours down and enjoy it too! I've told them to enjoy it while they can, as winter is comming, and i'm taking there winder handles off once i've rolled their windows down! This apparently is fine, as they have coats, and unlike me, they also have hair to keep them warm! Kids eh... I don't know where they get their **** taking from! Anyhoo, i've gone off track a bit. So, after looking for absolutely ages without any luck for someone who happens to have the correct mechanism for my car (a 1985 Talbot Alpine) i am starting to wonder if you can buy some sort of universal mechanism? For use in kit cars, or hotrods, or if you're stupid enough to buy a car that you can't get a mechanism for? Failing that, does anyone have any idea what i can use to fix it? Any words of wisdom will be greatfully received!