I only remember a few cars from that period. I posted in here before about John Moore and his GTO Judge up in Tolworth.

Then there was Guy Gubbins and his yellow Deuce, a really lovely guy and very skilled too.

But does anyone remember Mark something who owned an AMC Javelin? I think it was yellow. He lived on Cheshire Gardens in Chessington.

I myself had a couple, thanks to Guy making some introductions. My first, when I was maybe 17 was a 67 Impala, pillarless coupe. It was a rust bucket but it was MY rust bucket!

Next I took a very odd step, into a 71 Mustang, black with red stripes.Very Starsky and Hutch! Pretty maff now and reasonably naff back even then. Used to drive it up tot he Chelsea Cruise most months.

I thn from there i moved into a blue 78 Camaro. WOuld have been late 80s. I lived on Woodgate Avenue at the time.

Good memories...