Hello. Some of you know me of old, some of you don't. Years ago I started the Mart's Real Hot Rods site which helped spread the word of traditional rods in the UK and beyond. Great fun while it lasted. Gone now. dead.
So over the past few years I have been putting out little videos on Youtube. Just stuff I thought worth capturing when messing about with my old cars. I have renewed my interest in making the videos as I now have more spare time to do little jobs, thanks to Jaguar LandRover's recent redundancy programme.

Most feature one of my cars, some feature machining, which is another hobby of mine, but still related to the cars.

So anyway, enough chat, here's the link to the martsrods channel page: https://www.youtube.com/user/martsrods/videos

The videos should be self explanatory, but some popular ones recently were where I dug Old Rusty out and took it to the drags. (It had beed parked under a tarp for 18 months) and the latest one where i condensed 3 weeks worth of machining down to 6 minutes to make a riser block for my milling machine.

I am working on getting a better camera, and will be trying to get the balance right between being too brief, and being too detailed (and boring). It's hard not to sound boring though, as a Brummie.

I appreciate any comments or criticisms, good or bad and invite you to like, leave a comment and subscribe. I will point out that none of my videos are monetised, I get nothing from them other than the satisfaction of one or two people saying they enjoyed it.

Let me know what you think.