Early Chevy 283 HI-PO block cast in Canada..... very thick walls , block tanked & magnafluxed , STD bore.

THIS BLOCK CAN BE BORED TO 327cid dia and was by GM
Here is casting # & ID of block
#3789817 GM 327 / 62-65 Passenger,Chevelle,Truck Sm journal

Also 283 FORGED crankshaft STD/STD.
Here is crankshaft casting # ID

Casting # 38158222 55-57 Pass,Corvette Forged

It was also used in early to mid 1960's HI-PO 283 engines

This is a great place to start your hot rod engine build on a budget

Here's one..... Chevy 327cid /350+BHP hyd roller cam'd/ E/W USA ally heads with Warhammer roller rockers. Dress o'll skool hot rod.

PRICE for block & crank 300 TAKES ALL. Cheers! Daryl