As I am about to have a bit of a change in direction & give the website a major overhaul , & to make way for the cross members , I am selling off a couple of bits that I am tired of lugging about/tripping over :-

First up - a set of 1 5/8" stainless steel bends , 8 in total. Just in time to make those Zoomies that you wanted for the Nos Nats.

£35 + £10 courier or collect at Billing.

Next up - A partial Lakes style header kit , 2 cones (3.5" at the thick end) , 2 bends & a length of tube (All 1 5/8").

£50 + £10 Courier or collect at Billing.

Obviously I can supply any flanges to go with these items but at normal price

There might be some more later , need to raise funds to carry on developing the A arms to go with the aforementioned cross members