Too many projects mean this rare car is reluctantly for sale. Thought I'd offer it here to the good guys before putting it on EBay.

This is a 1962 transaxle Pontiac with GM215 V8 - yup that's right, the Daddy of the Rover engine. Only around 1000 were built with this engine and only a very few of them were 4bbl cars. Most had 2.5 4 pots. The transmission is rear mounted combined with the diff - pretty much a Corvair diff with a 2 speed 'glide in front of it - the convertor hangs out the back behind the diff !!

I imported it about a year ago for classic saloon racing - the alloy engine, rear transaxle and i.r.s could be a killer combination. CSCC will let this car run with Porsche 5 speed transaxle. These cars had period circuit race history runing in GT races at Daytona with none other than AJ Foyt driving.

Drag racers put a a Firebird trans tunnel in them and run a conventional trans and solid axle combo - but I guess most of you knew that already. Mickey Thompson pioneered this conventional set up running in A/FX with a 421 motor before the altered wheelbase cars began to dominate.

Because of the rarity it's almost a pity to do any of that to this car though....

Good stuff is it's a rock-solid and very straight AZ car with a 'Scarebird' disc brake conversion and all UK taxes paid. Trans and axle feel fine and it comes with a complete (3 books) set of rare factory workshop manuals (these fetch $200 on US Ebay). It has a spare steering box, 2 front qtr lights complete with frames and a spare grille.

Bad stuff is the interior soft trim looks like two dogs had a fight in there and there is a rumble from the bottom end of the engine. I have a Disco injected V8 that should go straight in

There is one small patch of rot behind one wheel arch,about - other than than it is straight enough to be painted black

At some time this had a dink in the driver's side rear but it has been repaired properly and is still bare metal with no filler so you can see exactly what has been done.

This is a real honest car that needs a mechanical overhaul, an interior and paint.

I'm in N. Essex about 20 mins from the M11. I want £3500 but there could be a deal done with something running or close to it. Please bear in mind I'm 55 so a Corsa that looks like a hovercraft with a 4" tailpipe isn't going to do it for me. PM me if you're interested