1966 Chevy C10 Fleetside. 327 V8 period hi comp camel hump heads.
I never usually get sentimental about my old vehicles and I’ll try not to here. All I’ll say is this old truck has faultlessly taken my family and I (including my old motorcycles) on many an adventure without issue. Ever!
Right, to business.
• Californian import.
• MOT and tax until April 2013.
• Fully rebuilt THM 350 transmission, including new pump. All work carried out by Micky Stanton.
• 327 V8 period hi comp camel hump heads. HEI ignition sat atop an aluminium 350 inlet manifold. Headers, Flowmasters. Very responsive and runs sweet in all conditions.
• Extensive history folder.
• Recent wheels and tyres in excellent condition.
• Factory repop seat upholstery on original springs in perfect condition.
• CD radio with aux in.
• Pop down pickup bed cover fits tight as a drum.
• Autometer gauges

I'm in North West Kent
There’s probably loads more so I’ll update as it comes to me.

PM me for contact details.
Thanks, Papa T

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This good solid truck is still up for grabs.