I have here a very nice example of an interesting and quick car: 1994 Saab 9000 Griffin. Its Saab's flagship model and only 400 were made for the US market, no idea how many RHD were done. Its got leather, walnut, electric everything, AC, and all that. Most interestingly it has the 2.3 litre full pressure turbo engine (200 BHP stock, easy ECU change for 230 BHP) and 4 speed autobox. 0-60 is 7.1 sec, top end 145 mph. ENORMOUS boot.

The car is a real credit to its previous owner who has meticulously maintained it over the last 4 years. I took it as a p/ex against a car I sold, and thought I'd see how I get on with it.

Body is excellent, interior is spot on. seriously has only a couple of minor blebs on the rear arches. AC needs a regas I think and the ABS light comes on occasionally.

One 2 years younger just sold for £1500 on eBay!

Its not my sort of car really. So if its something you fancy, and you happen to have something "daily-like" to swap for it then let me know. I'd be interested in a Caprice Classic or a Cutlass, Town Car or Ford LTD II or something like that. You know, the cheap and unappealing end of the the RWD yank car spectrum. Doesn't need to be mint or anything, just T&T and a good heater and a strong starter in the cold weather. V8 preferred but consider V6, but no FWD

Or anything which is a decent job of being a pretend yank like a Mk4 Zephyr or Viscount?

Or a P6 Rover V8 or...

...you get the idea.