Hey guys,hows you all doing?
I have for sale a Transit recovery truck.It is on a R plate(97/.
It has a new MoT as of last Friday & just over 5 months Tax.
The cab is in superb condition,new N/S wing & wheel arch.
New O/S wheel arch,sill(inner & outer),door step & any rust holes cut out and repaired properly.
The undercab outriggers also needed a little surgery,again,all rust was cut out & repaired properly(i figure it's just as easy to repair properly than bodge it).
after all welding was done,it was taken to paint shop for professional re-paint in a 1off blue(I have the leftover paint,just in case).
It has a beavertail body fitted,which is okish,could benifit from being fully boarded out properly.
It has a 12000lb winch fitted,which now has a damaged casing,due to the rope building up on one end.
The asking price is around the £2500 mark(negotiable).
I will be posting pics in the next 24 hours & a phone number will be supplied on request.
Don't be put off by the price,you won't be dissapointed & you get a truck you can drive away & use straight away.
Nearly forgot,it's the 3.5 tonne,single wheel model.
Hopefully I have managed to get pics on here this time DSCN0225.jpgDSCN0226.jpgDSCN0223.jpgDSCN0224.jpg