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    New Forum Rules Please Read Before Posting

    Changes to the forum rules relating to Traders.
    Last week some changes were implemented that in hindsight were not suitable for this forum. HOWEVER some changes do need to be put into place but having listened to feedback from our users, traders and members in the trade we have designed these changes to have a minimal impact on day to day life.

    So, going forward, if you are a Car builder or bodyshop or other “trade” you may:
    Post build threads
    Sells items (within reasonable quantities, used parts only or single quantity new parts)
    Users may recommend your services.
    Post Pictures.

    You may not:
    Have a commercial Signature or Profile
    Advertise your services on the forum unless specifically asked by a user to post.
    Sell quantities of new parts or repeatedly break cars for spares.
    Sell vehicles that have been purchased simply to resell.

    However, all traders can “upgrade” to a “Sponsor” account. This gives the following benefits
    A larger Private message box
    The ability to sell any quantity of items or vehicles on the forum.
    Access to the trader area to put Company news, adverts, open days, special offers.
    Commercial signature.
    Larger Avatar
    Submission of new stories for the homepage (subject to acceptance)

    Normal users will be able to:
    recommend who they like
    thank who they like
    post build information about their cars.
    Events may also be promoted but only by users. Any commercial organisation wishing to promote must contact Admin first.

    In addition to these changes we will be tightening up the forums bumping and spamming issues. We propose the following changes.
    All For sale adverts must feature the following:
    1. picture of the item and not a library pic
    2. price
    3. location
    4. condition
    5. full description (as much detail as possible )

    The moderators and admin reserve the right to remove any advert that does not comply to the above rules without warning.

    In addition, no replies will be permitted to For sale and wanted threads unless they feature pertinent additional information. Any post featuring text such as “GLWTS” or “I’d have bought this If I had the cash” will be deleted.
    This will ensure adverts do not get artificially bumped.

    Adverts featuring a link to Ebay or other sites will be deleted.

    Finally, users will need 10 posts before being able to post items for sale. Any “New” traders should be reported.

    these rules will be in force as soon as possible
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