Ok the site has it,s own image posting complete with a sticky but it looks like some are struggling with this and just can,t get their head around it so...........
to try and help heres a COMPLETE NOVICE walk through using photobucket i hope this help,s someone out there.
Sorry to those that know how already .

First go to photo bucket ...google it with a new page open so you can change back and forth between here and there,

Open an account...it,s free and you just need email address and a password,

once you have your account you can up load pics from your pc ...

This will place your pics in your library so now your pics are hosted on the www...your half way there !

Ok so lets say your writing a for sale advert and you now want to add that all important pic..

Just look in your library and find the pic you want to use...

Lets go with my old pop ...a single left click will select the pic and open a bigger version..

you will now see on the right hand side of the pic you have a " links to share this photo " box this is what you need to drop that photo in your advert so after writing your add nip back and give the lower IMG line a single left click [ it will flash up copied ] back to here on your first opened window and still in your advert post a single right click will pop up a box so just select paste

and that is it one pic posted just repeat for any more you want to add,