Hi guys

So after 10 years of ownership we've decided to sell the Stude and keep the Camaro and Vette.

It's a rat rod style/pro tourer/restomod 1951 Studebaker Champion Starlight Coupe.

We've improved the drivetrain and reinstated many original parts/panels.

Brief spec -

- Rodline front clip, IFS with coil overs, rack n pinion steering.
- Small block Chevy with L98/ZZ4 Ali heads, comp cam roller rockers, Pertronix ignition, MSD 6AL, Power Master mini starter.
- Built TH700R4, shift kit, red clutches, Vette servo, 2400 stall converter, SFI flex plate.
- New HD propshaft by JW engineering
- Narrowed Ford 8.8, 31 spline 3.73 LSD rear end with discs
- Ron Francis wiring loom, Vintage air heater, Tilt column with Billet steering wheel
- Less than 10K on the clock since rebuild

There's too much to list here, the car was built to be a reliable, fast, well handling, good stopping daily driver. It's very easy to throw around and use every day. It's bascically a pro tourer. We worked out it's had around 45K spent on it.

We replaced the doors, boot and bonnet with those from a mint rust free '51. The previous owner had modified the original doors, boot and bonnet as was the case in the 90's. The new panels are original. The boot and bonnet have just been soda blasted and resprayed (Jaguar Antigua Blue).
The car looks a bit ratty, it's not rusty in any way, it's very solid. We've had the rear wings off, soda blasted and refitted with the welt, the only rust we came across was a small part in the boot, a new part was made up. The car needs/doesn't need a respray depending on what you like? The murky work of rat rods/patina etc i'l leave that up to you but the paint work is patchy as we intended to spray the car at some point, so we've gradually gone round the car fixing and spraying bits in.

The car comes with a few spares, also comes with a new front screen rubber, new quarter window and new door seals.
Parts are easy to get, most parts anyway. We use Studebaker international.

The car has manual steering, the car is very light, it weighed 3040b on the scales. If we thought the steering was an issue we would have changed it by now, but it's not IMHO. Just park at the end of spaces and don't get boxed in.

Chrome ok, not mint, gravel shields are lovely (near impossible to get hold of)

The car is pretty quick, ran 13.4 at Shaky this summer, the cam is quite mild (470 lift) with a cam change it'll run 13 dead or low 12's. The rest of the drivetrain is built for more power and geared perfectly (will go sideways when you hit 2nd), cruises at 2000rpm on the motorway, great on fuel too.
I'm being as honest as possible here, just saying it like it is.

It's a very unique car, it never ceases to impress with it's crazy styling. Dad's owned around 80 yanks and it's his favourite car he's owned.
For my Dad to keep a car 10 years is unheard of hence how much he likes it.

Lack of space forces sale


Come and have a chat with me and dad, i'll take you out for a spin in it. We're cars guys