SWAP 1981 Lowrider Pick Up with hydraulics

This is a one of a kind showstopper. As you can see from the photos this is the only Isuzu in the country that has been bodydropped so that when you drop the hydraulics it lays with its sills on the floor. Not an easy task for a truck on 20” wheels.

This unique truck has many handmade features such as the subtly flared front wings made to fit around the 20” wheels, a hand built bed, ally bed cover, 2 pump Fenner Stone hydraulic system, highly modified suspension, notched chassis, stainless wheel tubs, 4 link rear end, electric number plate flipper and lots of other subtle details.

Just the work involved in moving the floor and bulkhead up and dropping the truck body and bed down over the chassis would cost the asking price alone.

The truck is an Isuzu which shares the same body and chassis as a Chevy LUV and a Bedford KB pick up. It has a Chevy grill and bumper and clear Chevy rear lights.

It is in excellent condition with no rust and is very economical having a 1500cc engine, which also allows for cheap tax. It is MOT’d until March 2013 and taxed until the end of October.

This truck has had thousands of pounds spent on it and is for sale at a fraction of its build cost at the bargain price of £4,995

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