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  1. History Archive
    This pic was taken in Wales Aug '61. Can anybody id what it's made from? Could it be the first Kustom in the UK?
  2. The Shelf
    Just found this in a box full of photos , never used whole sheet of 1961 1/25 scale stick on licence plates . Rare I'd say :eek:
  3. Vehicles - FOR SALE
    Last year for Desoto (don't panic, all parts are Chrysler/Mopar) Nice good looking car One of 2 in UK I'm just about to rebuild the braakes and get it MOT'd £8,950 done but will take a sensible bid 'as is'! Pics on PM me or call 07973 400245 Cheers, Stew
  4. Vehicles - FOR SALE
    Very decent example of a super rare car Last year built 361 V8, auto ps/pb More info to follow £7,250 ono PM me or call 01737 765050
1-4 of 5 Results