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    SELLING ON BEHALF OF A GOOD FRIEND: The car is a Gen 1 Ta22 Celica Fitted with a Rover V8 and auto box. The car has 6 months tax on it; however it only has 1 months mot left. But I can get it retested & I am sure it will pass as ive only done about 800 miles in it this year. As when I first got...
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    Hi here are some Pictures of Santa Pod < I don't know what years they were taken 70s-80s I suspect
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    Not the most inspiring cars in the world.... but, as most are aware, there is a town in Northern Cyprus that was invaded by Turkey in 1974 & a large part of the town ever since has been fenced off as a no-go area, time has stood still since 1974, the only people allowed inside being military...
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    Discuss! Oh, the T by the way, not the heavilly hammered '34 :tup:
1-4 of 4 Results