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    Hi Im selling this for a friend if anyone is intersted Pm me as you dont have to buy it through ebay. He is sad to see her go but just not using it anymore. I drove it sunday and all seems fine, car...
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    Some more photos From the 1979 Achives
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    Here are some more Pictures from 1979 . PIC 1 The pontiac dealer was in North Hollywood I was on my way to Universal Studios PIC 1-2 George Barris Custom Shop , All the cars inside were covered in dust, I bet they are not now
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    Where were you in 1979 I was in California , Walking down Hollywood Blvd, I'm sorry about the picture qulity, there was no digital then , all i had was my trusty old Zenith russian camara, and not to much of a clue in how to work it . i hope you enjoy . George
  5. Vehicles - FOR SALE
    GMC PICKUP TRUCK 1979 DIESEL TRANSIT ENGINE AND BOX, runs and drives well. motd by COLTEC CLASSICS NEW MOT NEW PAINTWORK (not conquers, but not bad either) MOTHER OF MASSIVE REAR WHEELS N TYRES 295's like new. Metallic GREEN ! Dash £3950. or best. 07968 005420. john .
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    This is neat! Just pick a year and enjoy the tunes. music Room 40's JuKeBoX 1955 JuKeBoX 1956 JuKeBoX 1957 JuKeBoX 1958 JuKeBoX 1959 JuKeBoX 1960 JuKeBoX 1961 JuKeBoX 1962 JuKeBoX 1963 JuKeBoX 1964 JuKeBoX 1965 JuKeBoX 1966 JuKeBoX 1967 JuKeBoX 1968 JuKeBoX 1969 JuKeBoX 1970...
  7. Tri Chevys, Spirit Of the Fifties and the Tuck...
    Real Steal
1-7 of 7 Results