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  1. The Shelf
    I have been having a clear-out and have come across an envelope with a number of old decal sheets from 1/24th & 1/25th scale hotrod kits,these are mainly unused number plates,graffics etc (incl ZZ Top '34) not too much to get excited about,but too good to bin! First one to reply gets there name...
  2. What, Where, When ?
    This Saturday is Practical Performance magazine in the Park (Mallory) show, we have booked a late morning track session for Rods, Yanks etc and unfortunately some folk have had to back out. So if you fancy a day at Mallory Park this saturday and having a 20 min track session in your rod then...
  3. What, Where, When ?
    Saturday May 1st, leaving Peninsula Park, London SE10 about 9.15pm, heading through the tunnels and past the sights of the big city, finishing about midnight at Heston Services on the M4....
  4. What, Where, When ?
    On behalf of the B.H.R.A..... The B.H.R.A is starting its "NEW" Cruise Night on Saturday 1st of May at the Little Chef Detling, (a new venue) eastbound on the A249 Detling Hill, Detling, Nr Maidstone, Kent. Just a couple of miles from the M20. This NEW cruise night is on the "1st Saturday of...
  5. Tech Discussion
    Finally getting my truck project started:woohoo: and need some dimensions. It's a 3/4 ton chassis being shortened to 1/2 ton wheelbase. Fitting a Jag axle in the back so standard dimensions no use. Front wings will be fitted for front axle placement. I don't have a bed yet so initial mock up...
  6. What, Where, When ?
    Hi all, Junkyard Cruisers meet this Thursday 7pm at Nemo's Bar Diner Stoney Cove Sapcote Road Stoney Stanton Leicestershire LE9 4DW All rods,yanks & customs welcome.:tup: Dean
  7. Vehicles - FOR SALE
    This truck has been stripped back to bare cab/chassis with all worn parts replaced or reconditioned. Luckily it was a very solid truck to start with coming in from the states two years ago so not the usual rot box. In all over £5000 has been spent on new parts. The new and rebuilt parts are...
  8. What, Where, When ?
    the all american car show 1st 2nd may 2010 santapod raceway track opens sat 10.00am till 9.00pm sun 10.00am till 5.oo pm sat monster trucks ,uk power tour night racin live band sunday huge show n shine slalom course ,trophies galore free camping ,bar and refreshments all weekend fun for all the...
  9. History Archive
    Avon Park's 1994 "Night of Fire" which saw the first Wild Bunch race....
  10. Chat
  11. On Topic
    after whats seemed like an age, i finally got the first drive of my caddy yesterday :tup:, straight to the mot station ! , glad to say it passed with flying colours :woohoo:, i was getting a bit fed up with it being sat doing nothing , but now i've driven it , its here to stay , even if it isnt...
  12. On Topic
    Meetin up with mates, drinkin beer, chattin bout me thinkin, what was my 1st memory of rods and bein around them. I grew up with a dad that always had Triumph Bonnys whether they were chopped or bobbed. He always had his mates round into the same thing, couple of them had rods...Clive...
  13. History Archive
    Here's some pics of Geoff Jago and his T taken in the 60s and given to Roy Morris who borrowed the T for a few weeks taking it up to the Midlands with the idea of marketing it there but there was little interest at the time and it didn't happen.........does anybody know if this car is still about?
  14. What, Where, When ?
    Just a reminder that it's the monthly meet at Long Itch on Sunday. Details at
  15. On Topic
    So, who's up for it This is NOT a car show, or a cruise.... It is the Vintage car London To Brighton run This is great fun, thousands of people line the streets all the way to Brighton every year, cheering you on, waving at you, taking pictures.... this is a great day out. The cars DO NOT...
  16. What, Where, When ?
    anyone heading down to Goodwood's breakfast club Sunday Nov 1st 8.30-12.00. They're looking for Hot Rods and Customs, could be a bit of a hoot.8) Maybe we could go on a cruise afterwards to somewhere for Sunday roast:P
  17. What, Where, When ?
    Hi Junkyard next meet Thursday 1st october 7pm at Nemo's bar/diner Stoney Cove Sapcote road Stoney Stanton Leicestershire LE9 4DW All rods yanks & customs welcome.
  18. On Topic
    Well Alan and i were pinching another thread so here is one dedicated to that subject. Alan can you cut and paste some of the other stuff as i cant on my terminal?
  19. Tech Discussion
    I have a '69 Camaro with factory tach and cannot get it to work with either stock points setup or MSD6 using the MSD tach output. I cannot find the mythical 'filter' that MSD refer to so guess it's gone already. Needle goes to 1000rpm with ign on and engine not running, stays there even when...
  20. What, Where, When ?
    1st Friday of the month, 7.30pm Lea Gate pub, Blackpool Road (A5085), Lea, Preston. PR4 0XB. Lets get some more rods there!!
1-20 of 21 Results