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  1. Stuff - WANTED
    Ideally I am after a non fuel injection running Chevy 305 that I can see running. However will consider 305,350 or a complete car that I can cannibalize if at the right price.
  2. Stuff - FOR SALE
    make me an offer for this 305 chevy engine, i believe it to be late 70's. i have changed it out for a rebuilt 350 chevy, but it was running when removed,it has some timing chain rattle and low oil pressure of about 10 to 15 psi and although plenty of people have told me it will run all day long...
  3. Chat
    Eat ya Heart out....Vinnie -Boy...... Saw this today thought of you....why I don't know ..:beuj: Bob......:smoke:
  4. Stuff - FOR SALE
    I have two Jag IRS differentials for sale, now surplus to requirements as I now have a new low ratio Powerlok one. One is a 3.30 ratio, the other is 3.05 & both non-lockers, both in good condition internally but one casing will need a helicoil repair to one of the lower wishbone bracket...
  5. Stuff - WANTED
    Hi , i,m looking for a very good 305 sbc for a project, the reason i,m after a 305, is that they seem to be cheaper than the 350, unfortunatly i,m not loaded so thats the reason, but any help would be great, 01493 440539 / 07806 095389, i,m based in norfolk, cheers steve.
  6. Stuff - FOR SALE
    chevy 305+th350 carb to pan 1979 no exhust manifilds £500
  7. Stuff - WANTED
    Rods and Pistons for SBC..:tup:
  8. Stuff - FOR SALE
    Got this 305 chevy block for sale here, crank and original heads with it also...came out a caprice! £60
  9. On Topic
    found this picky on flickr , thought it might ; A: make you laff...................or B: make you cry....................or C: make you jealous..............!
1-9 of 9 Results