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  1. Tech Discussion
    Hi All, I'm after some advice on a problem with my 1988 E250 Ford Econoline 351w V8. The problem I have is that there is no pulsing from the injectors, they all just open together, we have replaced the throttle position sensor (it was faulty) and were expecting that to solve our problem, but...
  2. Tech Discussion
    Got my mechanic to take out my cooked 351w, so far it does not look too bad, sending it off to get a diagnosis on the Heads and Block so I'll know what's what next week. Looks like its worth replacing various bits whilst the engine is out, any suggestions for best practice on that? And more...
  3. Stuff - FOR SALE
    Ford 351W and C4 Auto, i bought this engine on the basis it had been rebuilt, took heads off to check and all was o.k. So its complete less carb and starter motor. It has been standing for 3 years but turns over and comes with front sump and a split 50-50 sump, factory 4 barrel manifold cast not...
1-3 of 3 Results