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  1. Tech Discussion
    Following on from my last question regarding pinion angle, My next question is about shocks with leaf springs Im sure that the shocks on four bar and ladder bars are better suited behind the axle Can i run them 1/ In front of the axle 2/ Vertical (left to right) 3/ Vertical (front to rear)...
  2. Tech Discussion
    does it matter where you positon rear shocks on the axle?? i've sen some straight up,some at angles,some infront of the axle,some behind,is there a more effective way of mounting them for dragracing?
  3. Tech Discussion
    I am mounting some Pete & Jakes style shocks on the front of the pop, and I have no shock brackets in place yet. I seem to recall reading somewhere that the shock at ride height aren't simply half way between the open and closed dimensions? Can anyone confirm or correct me on this please? My...
1-3 of 3 Results