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    A fine evening at the Ace, loads of cars, people, music and romance!!
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    who's going up to the ace tonight ?Is it going to be worth going turnout wise or should i give it a miss? Gary
  3. Chat
    Now that suprised you................................. Dave.
  4. What, Where, When ?
    few of us 6 so far,leaving ace at 8 30 if anybody wants to tag along?
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    Most of you will be aware of ACE ( Association of Car Enthusiasts who are working DVLA and VOSA to tryto protect the future for car modifiers ? Well due to a change in indivuduals circumstances we now need a volunteer for site adminstrator who has PHP, HTML, Image Processing...
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    Posted for Kapri as he's kinda busy answering questions on other forums... I said awhile back that the ACE were liaising to clarify some of the rules of the 8 points system. We've got to the bottom of what is and isn't allowed on the modified chassis / monococque ...
  7. Tri Chevys, Spirit Of the Fifties and the Tuck...
    Chicago Classic Chevy Club Convention in the 80s, When you go to a Classic 55 56 57 Convention there's always one car that takes your fancy… and this one did for me The bumper less front end was a glass mould that you could buy at one time dont know if they still...
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    Thinking about going to this. Is it still on? Will anyone else be there? Is it worth the trek down from the East Mids? I thangyou.
  9. What, Where, When ?
  10. On Topic
    Just wondered if anyone was going up the ace tonight for the summer riot seeing as summer seems to be well and truly over and gone ?Didnt want to waste a trip up there if people think its gonna be empty
  11. What, Where, When ?
    Anyone doing the annual Corvette Cruise-In at the Ace Cafe tomorrow afternoon (Saturday 29th) ?
  12. On Topic
    what do people think is it worth going up the ace tonight ?What do people think the turnout will be like ? Cheers Gary
  13. What, Where, When ?
    Ace cafe wednesday and weather like it is it should be a good one.........see you there?.......just found out that Tasha from "jessie & the orbits is playing at 8pm.......if you aint had the chance to hear tasha sing then your in for a treat..a rising star........:tup:.toad
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    I am working in London a few days a week in the Paddington area. The Ace looks to be a few stops away on the Underground. If I go up there wednesday night what can I expect to see numbers wise and cars?
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    Saw this on another forum about new problems in France; I have started the paperwork trail to register it in France, (Its got a normal uk V5 in my name) but I forsee problems getting french approval. I might be able to wing it, but it depends on how anal the tester wants to be. First prolem is...
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    Here's some photos from last night at the Ace. New five spokes on this
  17. What, Where, When ?
    Hi guys, just to let you know that THE RHYTHM RIVER TRIO will be playing at the ace cafe on hot rod night which is the 3rd june, sorry got the band wrong , but jessie and the orbits are playing there but on a differant night......mark
  18. Chat
    ı have been a sad gıt ın turkey watchıng the bbcworld servıce and cnn ı cant remember whıch one was showıng ıt but there ıs reports of the GPS system havıng quıte a few satellıtes reachıng end of lıfe whıch wıll result ın a badly or non workıng satnavs now you mıght thınk thıs nothıng to do wıth...
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    Sounds like a few of you made it to the ACE last night did anyone get some pictures? with the weather being so good should have been a good turnout
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    First one with out Tery and Co, should be interesting to see what the turn out is like. I will be going, work permitting, so see you there. P.:D
1-20 of 21 Results