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  1. Chat
    Subject: FW: THE ELECTION As a rule, I don't pass along these "add your name" lists that appear in emails, BUT this one is important. It has been circulating for months and has been sent to over 2 million people. We don't want to lose any names on the list so just hit...
  2. On Topic
    has any one seen the new audi r8 roadster advert on telly ,i saw it last night thought id died & gone to heaven watching all thos rod n stuff . it was on youtube the add is called beauty and the beast
  3. Vehicles - FOR SALE
    RIGHT THEN.....The last ad went tits up, and probably my fault. I didnt have a clear head on but now i do. No more panto, i hope. The car is for sale, its a 1933 Sedan, all steel Hotrod/Ratrod hemi. The price is £25,000 or nearest offer. May P/X Cash either way, WHY (rod only please) I have had...
  4. Tech Discussion
    So when fitting new gaskets do you fit them dry or smear a thin layer of sealant of your choice on the heads and cover first ? I'm just fitting new gaskets to a Rover V8 and was going to use a little blue hylamar to seat the gasket in place, before fitting the cover. Good idea or bad idea ...
1-6 of 6 Results