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    Anyone seen it with Peter Kay? Its mint and so funny, i love it.
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    nice start to the advert with a 'drag' race. ironic that they are having a drag, must be a 'hot rod' pun too....
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    Some interesting looking (could they be called RatRods?).. Is that a Pop in there??.
  4. History Archive
    UKNOSTALGIA as posted another great vid on u-tube...
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    Anyone else seen the advert for FOXY BINGO last nite with the baby blue 55 with billet rims
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    Came across this on the Whitby Kustom Site and couldn't see it here!! Had me in Stitches, Not your average "Hot Rod" But the wording for the sale is so funny......:tup...
  7. On Topic
    Had a thumb thru the new cc at the newsagents and saw the new autoglym advert using the new BiB rod. Was not the ideal view if ya ask me. Could of shown a full on side shot with the roof on. Just my opinion
1-8 of 8 Results