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    hello all i have a question for your opintions and or help now ive spend alot on my engine and it only seems right to make a big bore exhaust i seen some on ebay witch are £168 i think but i can make it for £60 so im gonna go for it so my question is is it critical where the two 38mm...
  2. Chat
    hello all this you will like and it helps others BOTH my rear axle and gearbox have no drain plugs which baffels me how would they service them (change oil) i have a cortina gearbox and axle both mk3 i think so? how would you get the oil out :beuj: other than taking your gearbox out or...
  3. Tech Discussion
    hello all hes a question for the engine people :D well on my V6 i have some bore wore corused by the piston rings on the down stroke so deeper cut on outside and less on the inside tried taking a picture and was just failed so how much wear is to much ? as a scooter mechanic id say get the new...
  4. Tech Discussion
    I have an auto gearbox on my P5B Rover V8 engine and am seriously thinking of changing it for a manual one. Any thing I should look out for? Will any Rover V8 manual box fit? And other sensible questions that I should ask.:shake::shake::shake::shake: Thanks Cha7z
1-4 of 4 Results