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    I was thinking of buying an A frame to tow with, but went online found most at half price thought great cheaper than a trailer plus no where to keep it anyway. Have i mist something as i was told that A frame towing has now been banned in Europe and Insurance companies wont cover this. Does...
  2. Chat
    After a great day out today, I arrrived home to meet the family for lunch. My wife handed me a present she got at a car boot sale this morning. Do you think there is a message in the present? Your advise is needed. :shake:
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    i need a bit of advice on changing details on log book please pm a phone number if you can help and i will call you cheers in advance , rob
  4. Tech Discussion
    I`d like some pointers in selecting the right size and type steel tube to make my roll cage out of.It`s for my Bronco and my intentions were to make a hoop for behind the front seats with braces going into the back and then a leg each side going from the top of the hoop across the top of the...
  5. Tech Discussion
    i have just set up my tig a hobart 250a tigawave. i have never tig welded before, how do you know wjhat size electrodes tungstons and ceramic covers to use? there must be a easy way, i assume the larger the current the larger the shroud??? i have sucessfully stuck the tungston to the metal...
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    i am experiencing problems with the running of the car. in have a blue facet pump fitted the the top of the inner flitch panel, the darn thing constantly sounds like a traction engine, i have sucked the fuel up to the carb and refitted the pipe, for a while the pump then runs quiet, then it...
  7. Chat
    I was riding around today and noticed how so many are allowed to extend their houses and know of others that arnt allowed. Dont set me off on that but I was thinking of making the loft into a room for when my son comes home as his room is tiny, but it would mean putting the staircase in his room...
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    the car use to be this colour back in 1983 when i bought it it was this colour its allmost ready for paint but undecided which colour to go for the mrs says black,i quite like yellow and the kids say orange,or green ,or blue,although it will never look like it use to but i would like to...
1-8 of 8 Results